Maria Porro signs the Salone Sustainability Policy

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Taking a sustainable approach to social, environmental and economic issues is a value that the Salone del Mobile.Milano has always considered important and, now more than ever, absolutely paramount. Accordingly, it has drawn up and finessed its sustainability policy, in a bid to integrate sustainability into both company strategy and management and that of the various events it organises, thus helping to make the entire trade fair system more competitive, user-friendly and fit for the future.

The policy ratifies and sets out the Salone’s belief that creating sustainable and long-lasting value, through the management of trade fairs and exhibitions, must be achieved with respect for the ethical principles of integrity and honesty, inclusion and transparency, in pursuit of ongoing improvement, operational efficiency and economical management. The document undersigned by Maria Porro, President of the Salone del Mobile.Milano therefore sets out the concrete commitments and objectives the Salone has identified as drivers for its own business model on its path towards inclusive, responsible and sustainable development.



Set up in Milan in 1961 to promote the export of Italian furnishing and furnishing accessories, the Salone del Mobile is the benchmark international furnishing and design sector event. It takes place in April inside the Rho Fiera Milano fairgrounds and represents the production of the most dynamic and creative companies on the global market. Thanks to SaloneSatellite, it also serves as a launch platform for young designers and a point of reference for companies on the look-out for new talent.

It attracts over 370,000 specialist visitors every year, 70% of them from abroad, from more than 188 countries, 5,000 Italian and international journalists, and around 27,500 members of the public over the weekend. It also features a great many collateral events, devised by top international artists and designers, because the Salone del Mobile.Milano is synonymous not just with business but also with culture.

Precisely because of its cultural remit and value, issues such as regeneration, reuse, circularity, planet-centricity, energy saving, and attention to people and communities have always stood at the heart of the Salone del Mobile.Milano’s mission, vision and long-term strategy, inspiring the way it operates sustainably, geared to achieving a balance between respect for the environment, ethical and transparent dealings and people’s wellbeing.


Over the last few editions, the Salone has demonstrated its concrete commitment to identifying solutions and activating virtuous practices. Testament to this are its membership of the United Nations Global Compact – the leading business sustainability initiative at global level – circulating Green Guidelines for planning and building trade fair displays and embarking on the process towards ISO 20121 certification for sustainable events management.

Environmental, economic and social responsibilities will remain priorities at the 2023 edition of the Salone del Mobile, which is endeavouring to organise all the activities and events (both those directly run by the Salone and those run by the companies) in such a way as to make the least possible impact, be geared to the efficient use of resources, cutting waste and environmental impact, and protecting the human rights, health and safety of those taking part in the event and those workers involved in its organisation, and assuring benefits for all the companies taking part and the local community.

With this in mind, introducing a sustainable events management system, in conformity with ISO 20121: 2013 legislation, represents an opportunity to raise awareness among all the stakeholders involved in organising the event and a chance for them to do their own bit towards sustainability.


The pillars on which the Salone del Mobile.Milano intends to build its path towards sustainability for the 2023 event, in conformity with principles of inclusivity, integrity and transparency are as follows :

  • Promoting the environmental, social and financial compatibility of the activities and services provided

  • respect for people, a genuine resource in every project and event

  • ethical business

  • satisfying the demands and expectations of our stakeholder


In light of these premises, the Salone del Mobile.Milano, from the top management downwards and with the support of all internal and external personnel acting under its authority, undertakes to: 

  • implement the requisite procedures for ensuring that the 61st edition of the trade fair and all the activities associated with it take place in full respect of the applicable mandatory requirements, both contractual and relating to ISO 20121:2013 legislation

  • assess all risks and opportunities inherent in its activities with a view to minimising potential environmental, social and economic impact

  • adopting solutions that will enable natural resources to be managed in the best way possible and prevent environmental pollution

  • involving the supply chain with regard to sustainable growth, geared to providing services that will not only ensure the full satisfaction of the stakeholders, but also help to minimise their environmental, social and economic impact

  • improving communication with stakeholders both internal and external in a bid to share awareness of the issue of sustainability, also by harnessing a key instrument of dialogue such as the Salone’s digital platform

  • raising environmental, economic and social sustainability awareness among those taking part in the event

  • spreading the culture of sustainability by providing the entire staff with pertinent awareness-building information

  • coming up with new development models for the trade fair format

  • identifying and promoting solidarity-boosting events geared to raising the sustainability level of the event, such as sustainable mobility projects, initiatives in support of disabled and less able users, etc

  • valorising staff and their professional development at all levels, through training and awareness-raising programmes geared to individual accountability and skills development

  • promoting inclusion, respecting the rights of workers, partners and visitors to the event

The above points constitute the frame of reference for establishing and re-examining the objectives and milestones relating to the sustainability of events.

The Salone del Mobile.Milano also undertakes to set up and operate an ongoing system for monitoring the performance of its own Management System for Event Sustainability, with a view to the increased sustainability of the event, the continued improvement of the service it provides, the satisfaction of its stakeholders and the increasing sustainability of the event.

Maria Porro

President of the Salone del Mobile.Milano

Stay tuned!



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