Sewing Machinery Exp/Imp Briefing of 2022 Q1

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In the first quarter of 2022, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam and other ASEAN countries have seen their textile and apparel exports bounce back quickly, which creates huge overseas demands for restocking sewing machineries. This overall stabilized and positive trend has continued China's growth tendency of sewing machineries export into this year. However, compounded by adversities like pandemic resurgence at abroad, escalating Russia-Ukraine conflicts and global inflation, the growth rate of export has noticeably slowed down compared with a year earlier.

Export in general and by products

According to the latest data released by China Customs, in the first quarter, China has exported accumulatively sewing machineries worth of 813mn USD, increasing 17.44% on a YoY basis, which is 15.68% lower compared with the ending period last year. By categories, China has exported industrial sewing machines of 1.27mn sets, increasing 18.63%, worth of 455mn USD, growing 37.92%.

In March, China has exported sewing machineries worth of 0.28bn USD, increasing 22.06% on a YoY basis, and 45.85% higher compared with a month earlier. But, it's slightly lower than that in the end of last year and at the beginning of this year. The export quantity of industrial sewing machine is 0.42mn sets worth of 156mn USD; respectively, the export quantity and value have increased 19.22% and 39.08% compared with a year earlier, and grown 34.64% and 48.49% compared with a month earlier. It's worthwhile to note that "stay-at-home" effects have weakened as other countries ease their pandemic control measures, leading to a 30% decline in export quantities and values of China's household sewing machine.

Situations by export destinations

In the first quarter of 2022, China's export to BRI countries is worth of 547mn USD, increasing 28.04% on a YoY basis, and constituting 67.24% of the sector's gross export value, and the growth rate is 5.56% higher compared with the same period last year. The sector's export to ASEAN countries is worth of 234mn USD, increasing 40.40% on a YoY basis; export to south Asian countries worth of 180mn USD, growing 26.32%; export to Middle East worth of 67mn USD, growing 48.64%; export to EU worth of 48mn USD, dipping 9.36%; export to east Asian countries worth of 44mn USD, falling 11.57%; and export to central Asia worth of 22mn USD, rising 29.91% compared with a year earlier.

By countries, Vietnam and India are still China's top 2 export destinations in the first three months. The sector's export to Vietnam is worth of 96.55mn USD, increasing 17.79% on a YoY basis, and constituting 11.87% of the overall export; export to India is worth of 91.39mn USD, growing 23.00%, and making up 11.24% of the aggregate export; surpassing America, Bangladesh has become China's third largest export market. In the first quarter, the sector's export to Bangladesh is worth of 42.54mn USD, rising 40.94% compared with a year earlier, contributing 5.23% to the gross export. Moreover, China's sewing machineries exports to countries like Pakistan, Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia, and Malaysia in Q1 have all witnessed huge jump, while export to Japan, Brazil, Russia and others decreases sharply.

In March alone, China has exported sewing machineries worth of 38.23mn USD to Vietnam, increasing 4.07% compared with the same period last year, and soaring 108.72% compared with a month earlier; exports to countries like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia, Cambodia have seen positive growth, and exports to Malaysia, Myanmar and Mexico even doubled. The high growth rate of export to Myanmar can be attributed to the underperformance of the same period last year caused by political turmoil. Impacted by Russia-Ukraine conflicts, exports to the region and parts of Europe tank substantially; specifically, export to Russia is worth of 4.64mn USD, falling 19.24%, export to Ukraine less than 100,000 USD, nose-diving 85.79%, export to Uzbekistan dipping 5.21%, export to Kazakhstan freefalling 86.95%, and export to  Albania dropping 47.26%.  

Import figures

Based on the Customs' latest statistics, China from January to March has in total imported sewing machineries worth of 259mn USD, 7.55% higher compared with a year earlier. By products, import quantity of industrial sewing machine is 11,494 sets worth of 27.70mn USD, which are respectively 3.05% lower and 4.23% higher compared with a year earlier; import quantity of household sewing machine is 28,560 sets worth of 2.06mn USD, increasing 65.55% and 19.38% separately; import quantity of pre- and post-sewing machineries 2,535 pieces falling 67.13%, worth of 210mn USD rising 11.56%.

In March, China has imported sewing machineries worth of 98.26mn USD, increasing 28.03% on a YoY basis, and rocketing 100.41% compared with a month earlier. Categorically, import quantity of industrial sewing machine is 4,855 sets increasing 7.20%, worth of 11.10mn USD increasing 13.08% on a YoY basis, and separately ascending 61.19% and 72.96% compared with the previous month.



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