A POLI.design study bursary named after Manlio Armellini

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The Salone del Mobile.Milano is paying homage to one of its leading protagonists through a joint initiative with Milan Polytechnic University, which will benefit deserving students doing their Masters in Furniture Design.

human qualities, Manlio Armellini was the life and soul of the Salone del Mobile di Milano from 1965, when he became Secretary General and subsequently CEO of Cosmit, organiser of the trade fair as of its very first edition in 1961. It was under his watch that the fair became the undisputed benchmark for companies and the international showcase for the furnishing system.

President of the Salone del Mobile.Milano

 Maria Porro

A volcanic and visionary man, refined and generous, after his brainwave in 1965 of rounding off the trade offering by bringing in all the leading furnishing sector companies, the Salone really took off, becoming the event we all know and appreciate today, a jewel in the crown of Milan and of an entire nation.

Maria along with his wife Armida Armellini, is a promoter of the University Masters Study Bursary in Furniture Design at Milan Polytechnic University, administered by POLI.design.

The choice of Milan Polytechnic University, an ancient Milanese institution of acknowledged excellence, especially in relation to the University Masters in Furniture Design, led by Alessandro Deserti, Professor in the Design Department at Milan Polytechnic University and Francesco Zurlo, President of POLI.design and Dean of the Milan Polytechnic University Design School, chimes with the deep roots of the Salone del Mobile, which has become a model of “savoir faire” and a special place for business and design to come together, as well as a centre for research and innovation, always in the name of quality.

Francesco Zurlo had this to say: “Training well-prepared designers conscious of the role of design in the socio-economic context will be fundamental. Design is actually much more than a discipline in the service of beautiful and well-made things - its approach makes it a strategic asset for innovation and for the competitivity of public and private institutions, small to medium enterprises and even multinationals: this is something Manlio Armellini was well aware of, and thanks to his efforts he was able to demonstrate it not just to our own country but to the whole world.”

Armida Armellini’s words were also addressed to the young people: “I am delighted that, thanks to the heartfelt participation of Milan Polytechnic University, along with the Salone del Mobile we have managed to make this study bursary recognising the abilities and enthusiasm of two brilliant young people become a reality. My husband was the farsighted creator and promoter of innumerable major initiatives both for the companies and for talented youngsters, in whom he always placed great hope and confidence; so I am particularly happy to know that what he has achieved for the Salone will continue to be recognised even by the new generations.” 

The study bursary will cover 50% of the Masters enrolment fees for one Italian and one foreign student – underscoring the internationality that has always set the Salone del Mobile.Milano apart – and will be awarded by a committee composed of the directors of the Masters, Maria Porro and Armida Armellini.

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