Talks: Reflection on how to build a sustainable future

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2024年上海国际家具展览会FURNITURE CHINA



Alongside the purely trade offering, the Salone del Mobile.Milano has put together a packed programme of meetings, reflecting on how social, business, educational and design activities influence and have a positive effect on the future of the planet. The speakers include Mario Cucinella, Paola Antonelli, Alice Rawsthorn, Yves Béhar, Daan Roosegaarde, Victoria Siddall, Eva Feldkamp, Liam Young, Anab Jain, Marjan van Aubel and Makkox.

Design, technology, art, performance, education and communication can work together to create social, cultural, productive and financial synergies aimed at overcoming the environmental challenge and setting in motion positive, real ecological transition. 

We now understand only too well – progress, inevitably, has to be sustainable. This means that we all have to pull together and renew our serious and generous ecological efforts. 

The future also calls for different complementary or opposing visions, taking in as many nuances as possible. Only through the lens of diversity – gender, age, nationality, cultural, financial or skills-based – can we really achieve truly inclusive design. 

Design, lateral thinking, creativity, taking a critical approach, encouraging training and knowledge exchange – all characteristics inherent in those involved with the world of design – are the main drivers for accelerating the evolution of a more equitable society and a more sustainable world.

These shared approaches are what informs the programme of Talks that the Salone del Mobile.Milano and SaloneSatellite will be holding from 7th to 12th June in their respective arenas – Design with Nature, in S.Project’s Pavilion 15 and the show dedicated to talented young designers under 35 in Pavilion 3

In these two spaces devoted to debate and the pooling of ideas, the Salone will aim to trigger everybody’s powers of imagination through all the protagonists who will meet and discuss their ideas, endeavouring to come up with concrete responses to the most pressing issues, facing up to the uncertainty of the times we’re living through, and mapping out a way forward, reflecting on concrete actions to be taken in the immediate future to ensure that an altogether better future can become a reality. 

Amplifying these thoughts, the Salone del Mobile.Milano digital platform will be streaming the Talks so they can be followed virtually, building an archive of stories and experiences that will remain online for consultation. 

Thus, some of the most innovative and brilliant minds and ideas in local and global thinking will be brought together in one single place, because it is precisely through debate and dialogue that solutions are born that have the power to change people’s lives, the way we relate to each other and with the planet. 

Overall, the Salone del Mobile.Milano 2022 Programme of Talks is an invaluable opportunity for an overarching reflection on design, architecture and their current social and sustainable implications. 

Behind every project lies a desire, be it individual or collective, to help improve the lives of all of us. No matter what latitude, what economy and what cultural provenance. 

What animates the projects is genuine passion, channelled towards sustainable innovation capable of guaranteeing future generations the same good living conditions as our own.

Stay tuned!



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